a bottle of【安装APP】
英音 [ə ˈbɔtl ɔv]a bottle of
美音 [e ˈbɑtl ʌv]a bottle of
  • 释义一瓶;
  • 双语例句
    1. They sank a bottle of gin between them.
    2. The host took out a bottle of 12-year-old malt whisky to entertain us.
    3. He must have put away half a bottle of whisky last night.
    4. He upset a bottle of ink.
    5. Why don't we crack open a bottle of champagne to celebrate?
    6. He gave me a bottle of orange soda.
    7. They celebrated his success by opening a bottle of wine.
    8. The traveler took out a bottle of water from the pack on his back.
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